Our philosophy

We are not very talented but… we give all we got!  Alberto Montanari

Taste, conviviality and courtesy. These are our keywords. Each meal we serve, whether traditional or completely new, it is an idea meant to be shared.


We like to have a casual relationship with our customers.

We like our guests to chat in front of a delicious meal and some good wine.

We like to think that when our customers leave the diner they feel “good” not only because they are satiated and their mouths are full of taste but also because they feel “full” of everything our restaurant and staff gave to them:

Familiarity, courtesy, good mood and sincere respect for food, nature around us and for everything our “table” was able to give among cutlery and courses.

La Trattoria is not a space where lunch or dinner live in a constricted lapse of time. It is a space you bring inside you all day and for which you are able to say “There, this was such a good day just because I’ve been at La Trattoria there”

Whether you are regulars or passing guests, whether you are a group of young people waiting for the wild night, whether you are a couple or granpas with nephews, whether you are a group of students or a work group.

You are always our fabulous customers who deserve to be satisfied both in body and soul and be sure we will not let you down.


And if something falls short of expectations … tell us, tell us, tell us… our motto is “there’s no growth without criticism”!


We are waiting for you!